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Do you need to lose weight or get fit? or are you looking for health advice on quitting smoking? Many of us have health hang-ups or, on a more serious note, health conditions. There’s a fitness guide for all those who are looking for motivation and ideas/advice across a whole range of health topics.

Drugs and diets, cancer and cosmetic surgery, the NHS, and medical research,

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What Are The Biggest Risks Of Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a fast-growing industry, with more and more men and women opting to go under the needle or knife in pursuit of the perfect appearance. Although it is becoming more and more socially acceptable to surgically enhance your face and figure, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Although celebrities might make it seem trivial, surgery is still surgery, and even the smallest

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Circle Podiatry to help curb diabetes-related amputations

Podiatrist and co-founder of Undefeeted Peter Allton says: “85% of diabetes-related amputations could be avoided.”

Imagine what it would be like to never be able to see your footprint in the sand or feel the sea splashing around your ankles or to not be able to play in the park with children? Maybe you would miss going to work or the gentle touch of your loved

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Holistic practitioner Sophia Kupse’s Pain-Free: Easy Steps To A Happier Healthier You

Pain is healthy but a dominant condition we all suffer from silently, say holistic practitioner Sophia Kupse in her new self help guide being published in September 2016.

This factual book (fully credited with both medical and scientific research) is targeted at people wanting a more in depth understanding of why pain is always there, especially for those that have done nothing physically to suffer it.

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SkinVision launches first certified skin cancer risk analysis app

SkinVision has launched the first certified skin cancer risk analysis app offering a tool for analysing moles and other skin conditions for the three most common types of skin cancer: melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The simple and effective app is an at-hand solution for self monitoring. And it’s already saving lives.



Most common cancer in the UK

Skin cancer is now the most

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HappyOrNot reveals UK in top 10 countries in patient satisfaction

Customer satisfaction measurement forerunner HappyOrNot has collected millions of feedbacks about healthcare services around the world. The results suggest that patient satisfaction in UK is ranked amongst top 10 countries.



According to HappyOrNot’s global data insights, consisting of over 6 million patient feedbacks in healthcare across 25 countries, the global average patient satisfaction level benchmark during March was 88.02%, and the top 10 countries with the

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6 Not So Run-of-the-mill Kitchen Timesavers

Although there are plenty of kitchen gadgets around, you can’t always rely on them to actually save time. Think about it – an electronic spaghetti-twirling fork sounds fun but it isn’t necessarily all that helpful.

What you need are quirky and fun kitchen gadgets that are still functional. Whether you’re looking for an aide to stain removal or a nifty appliance that promises perfect rice every

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Methods for Body Hair Removal

One beauty treatment which the vast majority of people complete, hair removal is something which comes in many forms. Deciding on the best treatment can be tricky – so what do you need to know about different hair removal treatments?

Traditional Hair Removal Methods

To begin with, hair removal should be considered in its traditional form. For most people, this means shaving or waxing. Unfortunately, both of these procedures

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Optometrist and Dry Eye Specialist’s Top 10 ways to beat Spring Allergies

Spring is officially here! Warmer climates mean more time to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. At the same time however seasonal allergies emerge in earnest to give us another ailment to fight.

From sneezes to sore throats, pollen problems to eye complaints, there is a long list that we have to potentially contend with.

Hay fever affects around one in four people in the UK. Yet sneezes,

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Getting into Cardio Fitness Regimes

How to Make Cardio a Reality

Getting your heart rate pumping and your blood stream flowing through your body on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do for your personal health and wellbeing. There is nothing like getting hot and sweaty to keep your body in shape and your heart healthy. Unfortunately, most people don’t exactly love cardio and to

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Saturated versus Unsaturated Fat: Your Essential Guide

Now we’re over the Christmas period, a lot of us are making healthy resolutions for the New Year. There are lots of different ways of improving what you eat, but with all the different fad-diets being launched at this time of the year it’s sometimes hard to work out which is best.

One of the most important issues when it comes to food it the amount

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