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Optometrist and Dry Eye Specialist’s Top 10 ways to beat Spring Allergies

Spring is officially here! Warmer climates mean more time to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors. At the same time however seasonal allergies emerge in earnest to give us another ailment to fight.

From sneezes to sore throats, pollen problems to eye complaints, there is a long list that we have to potentially contend with.

Hay fever affects around one in four people in the UK. Yet sneezes,

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5 Hay Fever Tips To Welcome On The Summer

According to the NHS, one in five people will suffer from the crippling effects of hay fever at some point in their lifetime. Whilst children are longing for their summer holidays to begin, many will have already started suffering from irritating hay fever symptoms. At Beko, the UK’s Best-selling Large Home Appliance brand*, we work with families to develop products with features that can help

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Obesity in the young raises risk of developing allergies and asthma

A new study suggests that obese children and teenagers might be at a higher risk for developing asthma and allergies due to vitamin D deficiency. MD Candace Percival from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center explained that the risk for asthma and severe allergies has not been understood in the past. There has been a clear link between overweight and obese teens and an

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A look at the effects of Asthma

A look at the effects of Asthma

Asthma is a disease that affects the lungs by narrowing the airways and this can mean that the passage of air into the lungs is restricted. Of all the long-term diseases, it is the most common that affects children but there are ways that it can be controlled and these can lead your child to have a normal and

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Researchers solve the mystery of the itch

The receptor which causes the sensation of an itch that originates in one place then travels to the brain has been singled out by scientists at last. The most important feature of this finding is that those people who suffer from severe conditions of itching could now be treated for their condition.

A Neuro-transmitter is a small molecule that the scientists have been able to single

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Can food intolerance cause anxiety and depression?

We all make emotional connections with the foods we eat, but many of us don’t realise just how direct the link is between food and our mood. There is even a name for this: Neurogastroenterology, the study of the interactions between the brain and the gut.

One in four people in the UK will suffer problems with their mood or mental health every year, with anti-depressant

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Hereditary link found between allergies

It has been discovered that if a parent has an allergy then a child of the same sex as the parent is more likely to suffer from the same allergy. This means that if a boy’s father suffers from, for example, eczema, then it is likely that the child will suffer from it as well. The same has been found to be true with girls

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