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New improved flu vaccine on the horizon

According to scientists, they are very close to making a drug that would provide protection against all known forms of flu. The vaccines that are used for protection against flu have to be changed every year as influenza virus shifts its target.

Fortunately, researchers at Imperial College London have developed a blueprint for a vaccine that would provide effective protection against flu. The virus influenza is

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Advantages of stairlifts and rise and recline chairs

Unlike a generation ago the elderly and the infirmed no longer have to be uncomfortable with their armchair or restricted to the ground floor of the house. There has been a revolution in disability products, not least of all in devices aimed at assisting people so that they can move freely between one floor of their home and another.

Stairlifts have now become relatively commonplace and

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80% of diabetic foot amputations can be avoided according to charity

According to Diabetes UK, about 80% of diabetes foot amputations are avoidable if there was better care. Many patients suffer because a lot of places are not equipped with the proper services to efficiently handle infections and foot ulcers. It is estimated that by 2015, there will be 7,000 more amputations due to diabetes.

Type I and 2 diabetes, when poorly treated, can bring about complications

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Pioneering research takes place into dementia

There are currently twenty one new projects that are government funded researching dementia, and two of then are being led at the University of Hertfordshire. These aim to boost the diagnosis rates of dementia, as well as trialling ground breaking treatments and offering help and support to those living with the condition.

The two projects, which are being led the Centre for Research into Primary and

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Home Oxygen Concentrators

People who require an external oxygen supply to breathe have for many years been dependent on oxygen tanks that need refilling on a regular basis, this in turn, requiring frequent visits to a source or from the supplying company to the patient’s home. The introduction of oxygen concentrators is a great boon to many patients, as this device offers much greater mobility.

The concentrator works by

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A guide to choosing the best nursing home

Selecting a nursing home for a loved one is important and you want to be certain that you take the decision seriously because you are in essence choosing care that will help see them through their final years of life the ways that you will not be able to.

A nursing home is about providing more care than just medical, because the people who work there

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Councillor calls for further inspections to be made into care homes in Nottinghamshire

A county councillor for the Labour Party in Nottinghamshire has recently stated that more inspections need to be conducted at care homes in the area. These comments were made by the politician after a care home was shut down in the area after concerns were raised about it, and the safety of the residents residing at the home.

The councillor, Chris Winterton has commented, “It is

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