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Saturated versus Unsaturated Fat: Your Essential Guide

Now we’re over the Christmas period, a lot of us are making healthy resolutions for the New Year. There are lots of different ways of improving what you eat, but with all the different fad-diets being launched at this time of the year it’s sometimes hard to work out which is best.

One of the most important issues when it comes to food it the amount

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Reasons to Drink Tea

As a nation of tea drinkers we need few excuses to drink more tea, however – some of us could do with swapping one of our daily milky black teas with a healthier version once in a while.

All tea comes from the same plant – however, the way it is processed offers many the different flavours and properties. Teas with the least amount of oxidisation

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How to Make Healthier Choices

There are a lot of reasons why we turn to unhealthy food. It may be to celebrate a happy occasion, like a birthday or an anniversary. It could also be as a reward for doing something well, or maybe just motivation to get through the day. Sometimes our penchant for sugary and fatty foods is a little more troublesome – we may eat because we

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What your blood type can say about your diet

Scientists are only just beginning to unveil the significance of blood type and its potential influence over diet. Research on the subject is still ongoing, but a number of health professionals believe that weightloss can be sustained by following an eating plan tailored to specific blood types. Rather than following a generic diet, people are increasingly seeking health solutions that take into account the unique

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Preparation Hacks For Sustainable Clean Eating

It can be hard to maintain a healthy diet when life gets busy. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to find time to prepare healthy meals amongst the daily blur. With a bit of organisation and a few sneaky tricks, you can enjoy clean eating without sacrificing too much time.

Get Organised

Take a minute to get serious about planning your healthy eating, and it’ll pay off. Make

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Experts tell us its time to ditch our morning fruit juice

How often do you start the day by drinking a glass of juice; either fresh fruit or canned juice? Recent studies point out that such habits can damage your health and ruin your weight loss plan. In fact, fresh fruit juice can be as harmful as soft drinks and here are a few reasons why.

Fresh fruit juices have less fibre content and a lot of

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Dry January aims to cut alcohol consumption in the New Year

Dry January is a pledge that many people make after the holiday season so that they can give their body and soul a bit of a rest after overindulging in alcohol. There are actually many people that choose to abstain from alcohol off and on for personal reasons, but up until now there has not actually been any science to back up the premise of

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NHS reveals exactly how much it is spending due to the UK’s obesity problem

One of the most persuasive arguments in any situation always has to do with money – that’s a cliché, but a given from time immemorial. The results of any large study conducted on health issues will usually include estimates of the financial costs incurred by victims of whatever condition or disease is being studied.

For quite some time now, obesity has been one of the UK’s

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The importance of exercise and a good diet

It is amazing how much of a difference some exercise and a healthy, balanced diet can make to the way people look and feel. With the right food and drink, and an active lifestyle, consumers can dramatically boost their quality of life.

Often, simple things can make a difference. For example, by replacing unhealthy drinks like sugary carbonated beverages, coffee and alcohol with green tea people

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Crohn’s Disease: Coping with the Unpredictability of This Chronic Condition

Crohn’s disease is a chronic illness that causes inflammation of the tissues that line the digestive system. While the inflammation can affect any part of your digestive system, it most commonly develops in the small and large intestines. The condition affects around 90,000 people in the UK and most commonly develops in people aged between 16 and 30.

The symptoms of the disease include abdominal pain,

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