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Researchers believe they have discovered why cancer spreads

Scientists think that they might have found the reason why cancer spreads, which is the key to creating drugs that can help prevent cancer from spreading. A University College London team carried out experiments that have found some clues that suggest why cancer moves from one region of the body to another. This is important because in most cases cancer deaths do not occur from

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Natural treatment for your back pain

Back pain is the most common problem for almost every people. We all hurt our back in our absence mind. Sometimes it becomes very painful. But you can get rid off it if you know how to treat it. You should avoid the things which cause your back pain.

You should know about proper lifting methods and maintain a good work out routine for your back.

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Cocktail of hormones can reduce the risk of breast cancer in those most at risk

Research has shown that a cocktail of hormone treatments can reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women who are currently at the risk of getting the disease. Tamoxifene, is currently being used for the post-surgery management of the disease, while Raloxifene, Lasofoxifene, and Arzoxifene, are used for the management of Osteoporosis.

According to the study, based on the medical records of 83,000 women who are

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Despite safety measures Paracetamol still contributing to deaths

Measures were put in place 11 years ago in order to restrict paracetamol pack sizes with the goal to reduce the amount of deaths and self inflicted death by suicide from people overdosing on the drug. So far, it appears as if these rules have helped with the number goes down by half since before these measures were put into place.

However, according to the latest

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Horse meat scandal set to escalate

Environment secretary, Owen Paterson, stated that new tests show that a horse drug called pehnylbutazone that may be present in horse meat is potentially dangerous to the health of humans if consumed. He also told the public that they should expect more ‘bad news’ as the week goes on.

Paterson stated that international criminal conspiracy might be the reason that horse meat was able to get

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Tuberculosis becoming resistant to drugs

Drug resistance is now a problem in the treatment of tuberculosis. The increase in number of drug resistant illnesses is now comparable to that posed by global warming. Prof. Sally Davies says that the bacteria are now becoming resistant to new drugs and that there are very few antibiotics to replace the resistant drugs

She also added that due to the increased possibility of infection, a

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Antibiotics being over-prescribed leads to patients becoming immune to their effects

There is a rising trend of using antibacterial agents against bacterial and infection resistance in the United Kingdom. The medical centres of the country are making plans to format annual audits for the welfare of public. This practice is proposed to control the unnecessary usage of antibiotics. Through check-and-balance, the system will ensure that bacterial resistant medications are used wisely and legally to boost bacterial

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Experts want ‘herbal’ product added to controlled substance list

Drugs experts have recently advised the government to put a product known as Annihilation on the controlled substances list, although it is currently listed as a herbal incense.

The product has gained a great deal of popularity in recent months, and a recommendation has recently been made to the Home Secretary in order to control the substance. This recommendation has been made after two teenagers ended

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Medication overuse becoming a serious issue

Medication overuse is something that has been a trouble of the medical industry for a long time. It is a condition that neurologists have been studying for a long time, but medical authorities in the UK have recently stated that very few people realise the potential harm of taking too much medication.

The medical authority in the UK, NICE has recently issued new advice to other

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Early checks for high blood pressure

Unfortunately, high blood pressure is only a condition that has symptoms when the disease has already reached a late stage, however, it is something that is very easily detectable by a professional.

It is now thought that adults in the country should have a blood pressure check at least once every five years. This is something that you can have checked by a visit your GP.

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