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John Barrowman goes deaf for the day


Approximately 1 in 6 people in the UK suffer with hearing loss. Entertainer John Barrowman, recently awarded an MBE for his charity work, went deaf for the day as part of a filmed experiment to better understand the difficulties that deaf people face. John was then partnered with a hearing dog to see first-hand the difference these dogs make to deaf peoples’ lives.

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Protect your Hearing: The UK’s Sweetest Sounds

In the UK, many people each and every day discover that they have a hearing impediment… but how would you feel about loosing your hearing? Take a look at this infographic, and discover the signs of hearing loss.

Most Loved Sounds Provided by Hidden Hearing

Should You Have a Digital or Analogue Hearing Aid?

There are many different types of hearing aids around and they have two distinct differences. Some are powered through analogue technology while others use digital forms. It may seem like digital will be the best at first thought but there are downsides to this form of technology. The team at state it is important to look into both types to find the best one

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Quality digital hearing aids in the UK

Once considered to be a sign of old age, hearing loss affects more of us than anyone realises, and this is mainly due to the fact that modern digital hearing aids are virtually invisible, so only you know you are wearing one.

Many top manufacturers now produce these hearing aids, Siemens being one of them. Regarded as being one of the world’s biggest electronics companies, Siemens

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Protecting yourself from hearing loss as you get older: how to do it

Hearing loss is becoming a big problem in today’s society. Over time, the sensitive hairs around your cochlea which pick up sound waves become less sensitive but there are many things which can intensify their degradation and profoundly affect your hearing in later life.  

Noise-induced hearing loss is the most common cause of impaired hearing as we get older. If the ear is subjected to multiple

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Your ears should only pick up and report to your brain sounds in the world around you. However, from time to time, people experience noises in one or both ears, even when there is no external source for the sounds.

This condition is called tinnitus. The term is derived from Latin (tinnire meaning ‘to ring’), fitting in well with the common phrase used to describe the

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Age Related Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the more common signs of the ageing process. According to the RNID, there are 9 million hard of hearing in the UK, 6.5 million of which are over the age of 60. It is important to understand age related hearing loss as the condition is almost certain to have an affect on your life style or someone you know.

Age Related

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