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Too much time in front of the television can result in depression

Too much time watching television has been linked to many problems in children including social anxiety and obesity, but now it has been linked to depression as well. A new study claims that playing too many computer games or watching too much television will eventually lower the self-esteem of youngsters leading to depression.

According to the study that was published this week by the charity Public

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Statins linked with possible fatigue and tiredness

Medics believe that doctors are over-prescribing statins, hailing them as a miracle drug for keeping blood pressure down. Now they are criticising physicians, claiming that doctors are ignoring the potential side-effects such as fatigue when prescribing the drugs, and that this factor should be part of the equation when deciding whether a statin would really be beneficial to a patient or not overall.

Recent advice regarding

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Depression in pregnancy can reoccur in later life

About a third of the women that suffer depression while they are pregnant also end up suffering from suicidal thoughts later in life, according to a new survey that was conducted by parenting website Netmums and the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

The survey looked at 260 mothers that suffered from depression while pregnant and found that these mothers had a higher risk of severe mental

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British workers are most depressed in Europe

A recent survey has found that workers in the UK are the most likely to be diagnosed with depression in the entire rest of Europe. It is estimated that around one in every four Britons has had a diagnosis of depression at some point, which compares unfavourably to some of the least depressed countries such as Italy, which has a depression rate of only 12

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New report paints a damning picture if mental health care in the UK

The London School of Economics has just issued a report which has been damning of the state of mental health care in the United Kingdom. Researchers have shown that an estimated 75 percent of people who suffer from a form of mental illness in the country are not being treated.

The report is entitled ‘How Mental Illness Loses Out in the NHS’ and it also highlights

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New study reveals an increase in exercise does nothing to combat depression

The results of an NHS-funded study, published last week in the British Medical Journal, indicate that merely increasing the amount of physical exercise has no effect on depression. The study was undertaken by researchers from Bristol and Exeter Universities and the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and involved over 360 adults diagnosed with depression. It was purportedly the first large-scale investigation into the effect

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Short, brisk walks have been found to combat depression

Research that has recently been conducted in Scotland has suggested that going for a short, but brisk, walk can be a good way to combat depression. It has been known for a long time that intensive exercise is a good way to combat depression, but information about whether less strenuous exercise and its ability to deal with depression was, until now, unclear.

It is currently estimated

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Coffee could possibly counteract depression

Research that has recently been released suggests that women who are drinking more than two cups of coffee a day are more likely to avoid depression. The authors of the study have not found out exactly why this is the case but they believe it has something to do with the way caffeine affects the brain’s chemistry. The reason they are so sure it is

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