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Britain lagging behind the rest of Europe for cancer survival rates

Cancer survival rates in Britain are being called unacceptable after a new report found that rates in Britain are much lower than other major countries in Europe and other top economies in the world. In fact, only Ireland and Poland had lower cancer rates according to the results of the new international health study.

According to experts, if the UK were able to meet average cancer

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Cancer costing EU countries a fortune in treatment

In a research carried out by EU to ascertain the economic impact of cancer, the disease was discovered to be very costly as it has recently cost most European Union countries 126bn Euros a year. As reported by the charity Cancer Research UK, the disease presents a huge financial burden.

The figures quoted by Lancet Oncology included money for buying drugs, paying for health care services

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Ski 4 Cancer’s new patron is polar explorer Sue Stockdale

Ski 4 Cancer’s new patron is polar explorer Sue Stockdale

Sue Stockdale, Britain’s first women to reach the Magnetic North Pole on skis, has been named as the new patron for Ski 4 Cancer, the UK based charity that provides respite breaks in the Alps for families who are affected by cancer.

Sue Stockdale achieved her amazing feat of skiing to the North

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Researchers believe they have discovered why cancer spreads

Scientists think that they might have found the reason why cancer spreads, which is the key to creating drugs that can help prevent cancer from spreading. A University College London team carried out experiments that have found some clues that suggest why cancer moves from one region of the body to another. This is important because in most cases cancer deaths do not occur from

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Cocktail of hormones can reduce the risk of breast cancer in those most at risk

Research has shown that a cocktail of hormone treatments can reduce the incidence of breast cancer in women who are currently at the risk of getting the disease. Tamoxifene, is currently being used for the post-surgery management of the disease, while Raloxifene, Lasofoxifene, and Arzoxifene, are used for the management of Osteoporosis.

According to the study, based on the medical records of 83,000 women who are

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DNA markers can indicate increased cancer risk

A new DNA test has revealed eighty different markers that signify an increased risk for cancer. There are more than 80 different genetic markers that when present increase the risk of developing prostate, breast, or ovarian cancer.

The study took a look at the DNA of about 200,000 people half of them that suffered from cancer and half of them that did not. They then compare

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More women set to die from lung cancer over the next few years

New media reports based on solid scientific reports reveal that the amount of woman that will die from lung cancer in the UK will continue to grow in 2013. The study predicts that lung cancer will move ahead of breast cancer to be one of the leading causes of death by cancer in women within the UK.

The increase in lung cancer death likely may be

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Women more likely to die from smoking than they were in the past

Unlike in the 1960s, a new study shows that in recent times, women who smoke are highly likely to die much faster because of this habit. The cause of the dramatic increase of lung cancer has been blamed on habits such as chain smoking and smoking at an early age.

The trends show that the number of deaths in women in now the same as that

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New facility in Belfast aims to improve cancer treatment

With the aim to improve the health of thousands of people inflicted by cancer, an innovative cancer research and curing facility will open at Queen’s University in Belfast. The said laboratory, which was made possible by the tie-up of Belfast Health and Trust for Social Care and Queen’s Centre of Cancer Research and Cell Biology, is considered to be the first in Ireland and UK.


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New unorthodox cancer treatment can prolong lives

A new breakthrough cancer treatment may help extend life, even though its methods are unorthodox. The new therapy involves bathing one organ by itself in chemotherapy. A study performed in the UK found that patients that had this ‘PHP’ treatment lived as long as five times more before the cancer started to spread.

Now patients in the UK are able to receive the therapy as well.

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