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Introduction to Osteoporosis is now available in 7 languages

The National Osteoporosis Society recognise that there was a growing need to meet the needs of our wider audience following requests for information in languages other than English. We worked with key stakeholders, clinicians and regional staff to make our key publication more widely accessible.

An Introduction to Osteoporosis is one of our most popular booklets providing helpful advice about the condition and information on

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Public Health England urges standardisation of cigarette packaging

Whilst responding to an independent review, Public Health England has indicated that there is compelling and substantial evidence of the need to introduce standardised cigarette packaging. The response was handed to the independent review on standardised cigarette packaging that was being led by Sir Cyril Chantler. The launch of the review was done after campaigners were against tobacco companies using colourful cigarette packs to target

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NHS reveals exactly how much it is spending due to the UK’s obesity problem

One of the most persuasive arguments in any situation always has to do with money – that’s a cliché, but a given from time immemorial. The results of any large study conducted on health issues will usually include estimates of the financial costs incurred by victims of whatever condition or disease is being studied.

For quite some time now, obesity has been one of the UK’s

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New improved flu vaccine on the horizon

According to scientists, they are very close to making a drug that would provide protection against all known forms of flu. The vaccines that are used for protection against flu have to be changed every year as influenza virus shifts its target.

Fortunately, researchers at Imperial College London have developed a blueprint for a vaccine that would provide effective protection against flu. The virus influenza is

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Psoriasis cream found to help those with type 1 diabetes

A medication given to patients to cure a skin disorder has been found to alleviate symptoms of type 1 diabetes. In a small trial that was conducted on patients from US, doctors found that the drug called alefacept , when given to treat skin ailments helped the body of the patients to produce insulin which is a key element in control of type 1 diabetes.


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Obesity in the young raises risk of developing allergies and asthma

A new study suggests that obese children and teenagers might be at a higher risk for developing asthma and allergies due to vitamin D deficiency. MD Candace Percival from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center explained that the risk for asthma and severe allergies has not been understood in the past. There has been a clear link between overweight and obese teens and an

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Researchers believe they have discovered why cancer spreads

Scientists think that they might have found the reason why cancer spreads, which is the key to creating drugs that can help prevent cancer from spreading. A University College London team carried out experiments that have found some clues that suggest why cancer moves from one region of the body to another. This is important because in most cases cancer deaths do not occur from

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Coronary heart disease symptoms

Coronary heart disease occurs when the arteries that are responsible for supplying the heart with nutrients and oxygen narrow as a result of atherosclerosis.  The result of this is that oxygen and blood does not flow correctly to the heart, especially when the heart is under higher demand such as during periods of high exertion.  The most common symptom that people with CHD observe is

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Smartphone health apps to be accessible to drivers on dashboards

Drivers can now access smart phone applications, through voice control, using SYNC which allows the apps to be displayed on the dashboard screen. Most of these apps are health-related.

According to the Frost and Sullivan report, the market for medical applications, which is the third-fastest growing application category with more than 17,000 applications, is expected to reach a value of $392 million by the year 2015,

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UK childhood obesity problem could overtake the US

Child obesity is not just rampant in America but also in the UK, according to a research that was done some years ago, showing that British children are getting big twice as fast as the kids in America. Unless the proper authorities do something about this, the number of obese children will likely only grow.

The government has made some efforts to raise awareness on how

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