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Stress Balls Are a Healthy Ally

“Life is not easy”. It is a simple axiom and a well-accepted fact. Regardless of what you do or who you are, you will always run into situations where things simply do not go as planned.

Perhaps an item was not delivered on time, or maybe your cash flow is just not enough to cover your daily necessities. There are plenty of causes for those feelings

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Mental health sufferers who smoke not getting the support they need

The Royal College of Physicians has stated that England’s NHS is not doing enough to help people quit smoking who have displayed other mental health conditions. People that have mental health disorders are twice as likely to be addicted to substances and to smoke.

The Department of Health stated that it will remain devoted to tackling the issue over the next few years. The Report was

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Children at risk from mental health problems if their parents have them

A new study reveals that the children of people that suffer from mental health problems are at a higher risk then other children. It is estimated by the Ofsted and Quality Care Commission that about 30% of adults that suffer from mental health problems also have children.

The report was issued by the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted and found that children with parents or other

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Patients with dementia suffering in care homes and hospitals

A growing number of pensioners that have dementia are now not being given help with drinking or eating, treated as if they are non-existent, and having their privacy invaded in hospitals and care homes according to a new report published by the Care Quality Commission.

Chief executive of the commission, David Behan, stated that finances are not the only reason why many institutions that were able

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Councillor calls for further inspections to be made into care homes in Nottinghamshire

A county councillor for the Labour Party in Nottinghamshire has recently stated that more inspections need to be conducted at care homes in the area. These comments were made by the politician after a care home was shut down in the area after concerns were raised about it, and the safety of the residents residing at the home.

The councillor, Chris Winterton has commented, “It is

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Can food intolerance cause anxiety and depression?

We all make emotional connections with the foods we eat, but many of us don’t realise just how direct the link is between food and our mood. There is even a name for this: Neurogastroenterology, the study of the interactions between the brain and the gut.

One in four people in the UK will suffer problems with their mood or mental health every year, with anti-depressant

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Transform Your Lifestyle with Nutritional Therapy

According to the Red Cross, there are now more people dying of obesity that those dying of starvation and malnutrition. Last year there were over 1.5 billion people overweight across the world in comparison to 925 million who were underfed and suffering from malnutrition.

Living in the luxury of the western world, the vast majority of us are lucky enough avoid worrying about malnutrition, and instead

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New report paints a damning picture if mental health care in the UK

The London School of Economics has just issued a report which has been damning of the state of mental health care in the United Kingdom. Researchers have shown that an estimated 75 percent of people who suffer from a form of mental illness in the country are not being treated.

The report is entitled ‘How Mental Illness Loses Out in the NHS’ and it also highlights

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