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Getting a wig with the NHS

Wigs are available from the NHS but patients will be charged for them unless they qualify for help with charges.

If you need a wig but lack the finances to buy one the NHS can help. Thousands in Britain experience hair loss due to a number of factors from auto immune diseases to chemotherapy treatment. Since everyone is different, varying degrees of hair loss are to

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How Often Do Prescription Errors Occur?

Although most medical treatments are delivered in a professional and competent way, problems do sometimes occur, and one area which is open to mistakes being made is the provision of prescriptions and medication. The potentially harmful nature of a medication, if prescribed in the wrong circumstances, or indeed to the wrong patient, means that mistakes of this kind can be very serious.

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Lets talk about the Elephant in the GP Waiting Room!

Lets talk about the Elephant in the GP Waiting Room

Lets talk about the Elephant in the GP Waiting Room

For once there is some good news for the NHS. The seemingly never ending news reports of budget cuts, poor care, and the so called “postcode lottery” all detrimental to patient health. But now there is a very cost effective weapon for the GPs of the UK. Under a new campaign both patients and their

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Shortage of nurses causes the NHS to recruit from overseas

According to recent research, the NHS does not have enough nurses hence they are looking to hire more from overseas. Nursing times reported that nearly 1400 physicians were last year recruited by 40 hospitals besides 41 more hospitals are looking to follow suit.

Considering that over the last three years places offering the nursing course have decreased by 2500, Maria Bentley of Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

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Scottish NHS slammed for pressuring staff into meeting quotas at the expense of patients

New claims of a whitewash by the NHS are rising against the Scottish Government after news emerged that some staff in hospitals were pressured into removing patients from some lists in order to meet yearly quotas. NHS Tayside for it part apologised to the public after the revelations came out from some of its staff in the investigation into these abuses. The data shows that

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Midwives workloads lead to expectant mums being moved around hospitals

The number of expectant women being asked to move to different hospitals because of the midwives struggling under their workloads is on the rise. In excess of half of the maternity wards have admitted that they’ve been forced to do the above on an average of seven times per year. Immigrants have fuelled the birth rates in England to reach a peak for 40 years.


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Despite all the warnings Brits still yearn for a golden tan

Ah, to have that lovely golden tan, that sun-kissed glow, that gorgeous fashion accessory that actually makes one look slimmer and contrasts so beautifully with a white bikini – what bliss. In the UK, where bright sunny days are definitely not the norm, the acquisition of a tan is almost an obsession, especially with the younger generation.

By now most folks are aware that obtaining a

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Patients who have private medical cover are costing the NHS millions

If patients are encouraged to use private health reports by doctors, this will save the NHS lots of money to NHS, according to one of the latest reports. Many GP’s thinks that this idea will be disloyal to them and due to this reason they are not supporting this idea. Most people who have private medical insurance decide to go with NHS for pre-planned operations

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Rise in clinical negligence claims hitting NHS hard

Over the past decade, the newspapers have been filled with stories of clinical negligence. Rather than seeing the situation improve however, it seems that the situation has worsened. With reports of whole wards left filthy, and carers of adults with learning difficulties doing anything but, many are beginning to lose faith in the professionalism and staff monitoring that occurs within the NHS.

Medical care in the

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Effects of Health Cuts on Alternative Therapies

Whatever the causes or wherever each of us feels that the finger of blame should be pointed, there is no denying the very real effects that the global economic crisis of recent years is now having on numerous areas of expenditure.

Here in the UK, one of the most hotly debated and contentious issues is linked to plans which can affect the funding of the health

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