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Public Health England urges standardisation of cigarette packaging

Whilst responding to an independent review, Public Health England has indicated that there is compelling and substantial evidence of the need to introduce standardised cigarette packaging. The response was handed to the independent review on standardised cigarette packaging that was being led by Sir Cyril Chantler. The launch of the review was done after campaigners were against tobacco companies using colourful cigarette packs to target

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Common Smoking Misconceptions Explained

Smoking is a huge topic of conversation; it dominates the media, the medical profession and the public. We are inundated with health messages willing us to quit smoking and to recognise the health benefits if we do. There are plenty of reasons why we smoke, and why we are reluctant to stop, but with electronic smoking taking off in a big way, thanks to companies

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New study shows the ageing effects of smoking in twins

Twins who are smokers display more premature ageing on their face than identical twins who don’t smoke, according to a new study which is published in November’s issue of  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® , the official journal of the ASPS;American Society of Plastic Surgeons 

The study has revealed that significant differences in facial ageing were found between sets of twins who had as little as 5 years

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Mental health sufferers who smoke not getting the support they need

The Royal College of Physicians has stated that England’s NHS is not doing enough to help people quit smoking who have displayed other mental health conditions. People that have mental health disorders are twice as likely to be addicted to substances and to smoke.

The Department of Health stated that it will remain devoted to tackling the issue over the next few years. The Report was

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Smoking ban results in a fall in children’s asthma attacks

The results of a recent study were published in the journal ‘Paediatrics’ and have revealed that the number of children admitted to medical facilities and hospitals with asthmatic symptoms has dipped after the implementation of the ban on smoking in enclosed public areas. The law was in effect in July 2007, and fall of 12.3% was observed over the first year, after which the drop

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Alternative options to tackling smoking

Tobacco was first introduced into the United Kingdom in the early 16th century when the poor effects on health were not known. Since its introduction the popularity of tobacco has risen rapidly, only slightly dipping during the war periods. Today we are now aware of the devastating effects tobacco has on our health, however it is an addiction that some cannot overcome.

Tobacco consumption is regarded

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What You Should Know about Electronic Cigarettes

Although there was a great deal of controversy in recent years about electronic cigarettes and whether or not they are actually helpful, the problem is that they were never really developed to help smokers kick the habit.  Electronic cigarettes like those sold on the website are meant to be a flavourful and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.  They may or may not help with

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Link found between diabetes and high blood pressure

A leading charity has recently stated that it is likely that those who are suffering from diabetes also have high blood pressure. The combination of these two diseases can have a significant consequence on people’s health. The charity, Diabetes UK, has found these figures after studying 2 million people across the country who have the condition.

Around 50 percent of those involved in the study who

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You Can Still Quit Smoking this Year

Now we’re into February, many New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside

One of the most common resolutions is to quit smoking.  If you’ve started smoking again after a positive start to 2012, now is a good time to refocus on the reasons why you wanted to give up in the first place.

Your general health, finances and the people around you can all suffer

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Fags will become under the counter items

Back in the 70s close to 50% of people smoked, today just 20% and even though it used to be very mainstream it came on step closer to falling off the edge when the recent banning of smoking inside bars and public places was instituted by the government in yet another way to discourage smoking.

Cigarettes and other tobacco products will have to keep under the

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