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Small Changes that can Lead to Big Health Improvements

Four Small Changes That Will Have a Great Impact on Your Health

We are all well aware that we should try and live healthier, but making big changes often seems like a scary commitment to make. The solution is not to put off living a healthy, but to instead gently ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you want to know how to lower your cholesterol to

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Getting a wig with the NHS

Wigs are available from the NHS but patients will be charged for them unless they qualify for help with charges.

If you need a wig but lack the finances to buy one the NHS can help. Thousands in Britain experience hair loss due to a number of factors from auto immune diseases to chemotherapy treatment. Since everyone is different, varying degrees of hair loss are to

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How Often Do Prescription Errors Occur?

Although most medical treatments are delivered in a professional and competent way, problems do sometimes occur, and one area which is open to mistakes being made is the provision of prescriptions and medication. The potentially harmful nature of a medication, if prescribed in the wrong circumstances, or indeed to the wrong patient, means that mistakes of this kind can be very serious.

Used under CC

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Is modern life making you sick?

Is modern life making you sick?  Here’s what to do about it.

Our modern lives are more prosperous and physically easier than at any time in the past, but the benefits of the modern lifestyle also pose their own health problems.  Long hours spent hunched over our computers or mobile devices or sitting at desks leave little time for exercise. Blood moves slowly and sluggishly around

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Benefits of Running on a Treadmill vs. Outdoors

Running outdoors is free, it doesn’t require any particular equipment and you get some fresh air while you’re pounding the pavement. So why on earth would you invest in a treadmill from specialist suppliers like Fitness Market, when you can do the exact same thing without it?

There are actually many things that set the treadmill apart from running outdoors, and depending on your needs you

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Facts about Sleeping

7 Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Everyone sleeps. While we do not know everything about this process – in fact, some aspects of sleeping are still a complete mystery – there are a number of things that have been discovered about this strange activity that every human participates in. Here are a few interesting facts about sleep you may not have known about.

1. There

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7 Essential Facts About UV Rays

There’s no doubt about it. Most people in sunny areas understand the dangers of high exposure to the sun. But many still don’t do enough to protect themselves. Simple acts like wearing sunscreen, covering skin, utilising window tinting and avoiding the outdoors during the peak hours of the day can all help reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays. Here are just a few essential

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5 Signs You Should Contact a Doctor

Going to the doctor can sometimes be costly, both in terms of money and time. However, you do want to be putting your health first at all times, and sometimes a collection of relatively minor symptoms can turn out to be a precursor for something a lot more sinister. This is particularly important when it comes to children, as they are more susceptible to developing

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5 Unique Ways to Use a Mason Jar

The Mason jar – what started out as a home canning solution in the 1850s is now a mass-market solution to a variety of storage and décor ideas. Mason jars can now be sourced from large department stores and discount retailers to speciality shops such as Biome; each one jumping on board with the booming trend. Below are five unique ways to use a Mason

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Running Your First Marathon

So, your doctor has advised you to work on your fitness levels. Maybe they have been talking to you about how to lower cholesterol levels and lose a bit of weight. You have decided to start running, and have set your goal at completing a marathon. Is this a good idea?  And if it is, where do you start?

As we get older it’s important to

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