Methods for Body Hair Removal

One beauty treatment which the vast majority of people complete, hair removal is something which comes in many forms. Deciding on the best treatment can be tricky – so what do you need to know about different hair removal treatments?
Traditional Hair Removal Methods
To begin with, hair removal should be considered in its traditional form. For most people, this means shaving or waxing. Unfortunately, both of these procedures can cause pain and discomfort as well as skin irritation. Shaving can often leave the skin cut and broken whilst the stress of waxing can result in high levels of pain and deliver an uneven finish. The problem of in-growing hairs and infected hair follicles is also fairly common.

More modern answers to hair removal have therefore been adopted. These include the use of hair removal creams and epilating. Both of these methods are designed to remove hair with irritating the skin but unfortunately they can are fairly labour intensive and can still result in discomfort.
Modern Hair Removal Methods
Perhaps the newest method of hair removal is that of laser hair removal treatment. This attacks hair growth directly at the root, thus removing the hair in a relatively pain free manner and with long lasting results. The process works by dispersing thermal energy at the base of the hair follicle so that it is unable to produce hair quickly, thus stunting the growth and giving you a hair free appearance.

This treatment can be used for everyday hair removal needs and also in extreme cases where hair growth is an ongoing problem. The treatment is relatively risk free as well as the laser is attracted to the dark pigment (melanin) contained in the hair. This means that there is little or no skin irritation experienced, although you may notice some redness following treatment but this will soon fade.

Those with light hair may not experience the same levels of success as those with darker hair due to the lower levels of melanin contained within the hair. Speaking to a professional about laser hair removal is therefore highly recommended for those considering this option.