Men turn to breast reductions and tummy tucks

The number of men having breast reduction surgery and tummy tuck operations has increased significantly. Many industries have faced a decline in customers due to economic recession but the latest figures show that plastic surgeons still have plenty of people willing to go into surgery to improve the way they look.

Last year, over 43,000 procedures were carried out in the UK which is an increase of over five percent for the same figures in 2010. These figures have been released by the British Association of Ascetic Plastic Surgeons and they showed that there has been no decline for any type of cosmetic procedure in the last 12 months. They stated that the number of men coming into surgery, particularly for the two types of procedure mentioned above, has increased the most.

Despite the number of men coming in for cosmetic procedures, the number of surgeries taking place on women is still by far the majority, at around 90 percent. The most popular procedure for women is breast enlargement and in the last year over 10,000 procedures have been completed, which is over a six percent rise when compared with the same time period in 2010.

In March 2010 it became known that many breast implants were made with the type of silicone that would not normally be used in the human body. Despite the risks of a cosmetic procedure, which this scare highlights, the number of procedures is still on the increase.

The president of BAAPS is Fazel Fatah who has commented, “The most common surgeries that are taking place are those which affect the most visible part of the body, such as the breasts, eyelids and the nose. These are procedures that cause the most impact and this is why they are the most common procedures for people to choose.”