Why Cosmetic Surgery Becomes More Popular?

There was a time when cosmetic surgery was the preserve of the rich and famous, who underwent procedures behind closed doors leaving the rest of the world to speculate on whether they had had any work done. Not so today, cosmetic surgery is now open to all, with people from across socio-economic spectrum opting to go under the knife in order to improve their appearance.

Despite the recent credit crunch, the number of people opting for private surgical procedures such as breast augmentations and face lifts continues to rise, with the practise also gaining in popularity amongst men.

So why is it that we are so in love with the idea of changing our appearance? What motivates us to put ourselves through the pain of surgery and is it worth it in the end?

Celeb Culture Boosts Cosmetic Surgery Demand

One possible explanation for the ever increasing demand for the nip and tuck is the prevalence of celebrity culture in our everyday lives. Both women and men are constantly bombarded by images of physical perfecting in the form of stars of stage, screen and even, these days, sport.

Magazines featuring airbrushed images of pop princesses and cinema starlets adorn every news stand, while advertising campaigns for everything from cereal to shampoo feature physically unblemished examples of humanity pushing their products.

Girls (and boys) growing up in the modern world are forced to make a daily comparison between the snapshots of themselves they see posted to social networking sites such as Facebook and the seeming unattainable idea image as pushed by the consumer press.

As this generation of media savvy youngsters attains adulthood, so more and more are seeking the help of a surgeon so that they can conform with what they perceive to be the desirable norm of physical perfection.

Here Come the Boys?

As mentioned the love affair with the plastic surgeons scalpel is not reserve simply for the female of the species, with figure released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) at the beginning of this year showing a noticeable rise in the number of men seeking breast reduction surgery to rid themselves of the much-mocked “man boobs”.

A shift in common culture towards the acceptability of male grooming has precipitated this natural progression, with men now feeling comfortable taking steps to improve their appearance and, more importantly admitting to it. So, as more men come out of the surgery closet, with sports stars and movie icons opening discussing their cosmetic procedure, so it becomes a more accepted part of life – leading to more and more deciding this is an acceptable step.

Should You Have Plastic Surgery?

Whatever it is you might be considering changing about your appearance, it is important that you weight up all pros and cons before making a final decision, things to consider include:

Surgeon’s qualifications and accreditations
Possible risks
Changing appearance cannot address underlying psychological issues.

The decision to go under the knife is one that is purely personal and results are often irreversible so you need to be sure before you sign that consent form,