Be defined by your smile, not your inability to

There is nothing as expressive and pleasurable as smiling. The majority of us take the ability to smile for granted. We smile when we meet someone we like, we smile at something funny and we smile to indicate our general well-being.

We are bombarded with images of smiling people. Unsurprisingly, advertising is full of people smiling over various products to indicate pleasure and contentment. We are all conditioned to smile in photographs to the point that saying “cheese” becomes a prerequisite to forcing out the pearly whites; but not everybody’s pearly whites are so pearly. Or white for that matter.

Tea, coffee, cigarettes and a diet of refined sugars all take their toll on our gnashers over time and no matter how frequently you brush your teeth they will inevitably at some point during their lifespan begin to look tired and dull. Failing to brush your teeth regularly will do more than make them look tired, they will literally rot away to the point of disappearing altogether. Teeth are not just there to look good and chew food; they are responsible for the structure of our face.

When someone has too few teeth in their mouth the face beneath the jaw line can collapse leaving an unfortunate under-bite.

The inability to smile confidentially can be of real social detriment. People who do not smile may appear bad tempered or hard to please, people who smile with their mouths closed can look insincere and smiling behind a hand all the time might look overly self-conscious and reserved.

But all too often, not feeling good about smiling is enough to stop you from smiling. The same goes for laughing, we all need to laugh; we crave the endorphins brought about by a good dose of hilarity and the willful abandon that goes with it.

It is remarkable however that in this day and age that no matter how bad your teeth are or how many teeth you have left a Hollywood toothpaste advertisement grin with some work remains possible. Whether it is a simple case of brightening a dental shade or an entire new build, modern dental surgery provides the answers.

Every large town and city across the UK will have places for cosmetic dentistry Manchester, Blackpool, Southampton, Norwich and all points in-between will have a range of competitive dental surgeries to consider.

Take your smile seriously. Let it help define who you are. Smile with confidence and let your smile be inspiration to others to smile back – rejuvenate your smile and wear it with pride because smiling actually makes not just you feel better but other people around you feel better. Smile because you are happy, smile because you are proud, smile because you like someone and smile because you can.