A ‘flab jab’ is undergoing lab testing

A recent vaccination that has been in development by scientists, and is currently being tested on mice, has been nicknamed the flab jab because of its ability to encourage people to lose weight. The injection has been shown to reduce the weight of mice by around 10 percent in just a few days, even if they continue to eat a very unhealthy diet.

The implications for humans are obviously very significant as this could mean people were able to eat unhealthy food, such as junk food, and continue to lose weight anyway.

However, don’t get too excited as this drug is in its very early stages of testing. It is not yet known what sort of harmful side-effects this injection could have on people, and even if it has none, it is going to take up to a decade before it actually gets to the market.

So the advice in the short term would be to continue with that new diet if you want to lose weight. Essentially what this vaccine does as it tricks the body’s immune system into creating a type of antibody which interferes with the hormone which encourages the body’s digestive system to slow down.

By reducing the amount of this hormone in the body, the metabolism will not slow down and this will encourage the body to pass the unhealthy food faster than it might otherwise.

This drug is potentially very promising for those who suffer from obesity as it would allow them to medically tackle the problem without having to have complex surgeries, which are some of the current medical interventions for people who are dramatically overweight.

This treatment would be administered as an injection which could be done in a doctor’s office, rather than under anaesthetic in hospital. It is thought that it could be a significant step forward in tackling obesity around the world.