Cereal bars aren’t as healthy as we think they are

Cereal bars have come under fire as their healthy rep is now being questioned. New research shows that a lot of the health bars are actually high in calories, fat, and sugar making them a not so healthy snack for those who think they are making a healthy choice.

In fact, a Which? survey discovered that every cereal bar brand but one were high in sugar with 16 of the 30 bars included in the study found to have over 30% of one’s daily sugar allowance. The Nutrigrain Elevensies was discovered to have about four teaspoons of sugar in it which is even more than cola has in it.

Monster Puffs, a cereal bar that is marketed directly at children, has 43.5% of the daily allowance of sugar inside of it which is more than teaspoons of sugar right inside of the bar. Even worse, six out of the seven cereal bars that were created to be marketed to children were found to have high saturated fat levels.

Executive Director of Which?, Richard Lloyd, stated that people often go with a cereal bar because they think that they are a healthier choice than biscuits, but the watchdog group clearly found that is just a myth.

Lloyd continued to say that manufacturers need to be clearer about how much fat, sugar, and calories are placed into every bar so that people can make the right choice in a more informed fashion.

He added that the organisation is pushing for a ‘traffic light’ colour system on food labels that will make it easier for people to see what they are consuming and what they are giving to their children to eat. There were a few cereal bars that lived up to their name such as Sultana, Alpen Light Apple, and the Nakd Apple Pie.