Diet and the chemical compatibility of foods

Did you know Socrates, Plato and Hippocrates, who were supporters of leading a vegetarian diet?

They followed a science that combines the spiritual and physical food.

Its origins come from the past where nutrition was based on seeds and fruits, in which there is damage to species of living beings and their exploitation and their sacrifices.

This power is based on the combination of food through its chemical compatibility which is reflected especially in the processes of digestion into play where the various digestive enzymes.

The digestive system uses different enzymes depending on the need to digest food, for example when you have to make the digestion of starches and proteins secreted alkaline and acidic juices that are mixed together, giving rise to neutralize the digestion process is interrupted, and not reaching your goal is to take nutrients from these foods. Also causing digestive disorders arising in other diseases affecting the whole body as well.

This science is based many wise men like Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras and Hippocrates above. The latter being the father of medicine vegetariana naturist, medicine was based on healthy food and medicines without side effects. It aims for fresh produce and quality of organic origin. So it is practiced by natural and vegetarian.

The trofologĂ­a presents no problems, an even more complex science, the science of healing with food is the key ways to combine and time to be done, depending on each patient, their diagnosis and situation, it also depends on the station, food and each person, so each individual focuses on independent.

Ie each patient is considered to have their own personalized therapy. Another advantage is that notions of taking trofologĂ­a everyone can listen to your therapist if you know or understand their digestions and you feel like the food.