Experts tell us its time to ditch our morning fruit juice

How often do you start the day by drinking a glass of juice; either fresh fruit or canned juice? Recent studies point out that such habits can damage your health and ruin your weight loss plan. In fact, fresh fruit juice can be as harmful as soft drinks and here are a few reasons why.

Fresh fruit juices have less fibre content and a lot of sugar. Such composition can be harmful to your body. Susan Jebb works as the head of a project that researches obesity and diet at the Humans Nutrition Research, which belongs to Medical Research Council, in Cambridge. She declares not to think of fruit juice as a healthy drink.

You should notice that fruit juice is not as good as intact fruit because there is a high amount of sugar in the former, as much as in the most common sugar drinks. In addition, such sugar is absorbed quickly by our bodies. In fact, the body cannot tell if it is a fruit juice or Coca-cola by the time it reaches the stomach, as Susan told Sunday Times.

However, it is not difficult to give up such a bad habit. All you need to do is to have a piece of fruit instead of taking a glass of juice. It is as simple as that. Instead of drinking juice, you can have an orange or even two in order to fill your stomach. However, if you drink a smoothie which contains up to six oranges, your stomach will not be filled. On the other hand, eating fruit does affect overall food intake and that’s the key difference to understand the situation.