Link found between diabetes and high blood pressure

A leading charity has recently stated that it is likely that those who are suffering from diabetes also have high blood pressure. The combination of these two diseases can have a significant consequence on people’s health. The charity, Diabetes UK, has found these figures after studying 2 million people across the country who have the condition.

Around 50 percent of those involved in the study who had diabetes, also were suffering from high blood pressure. The charity have also said that they are concerned about the lack of treatment for high blood pressure and people who’ve been previously diagnosed with diabetes.

The head of the charity is Barbara Young and she has commented, “It is well known that there is a link between diabetes and blood pressure, and this study has simply confirmed this. The chance of these patients developing complications such as kidney failure, stroke and heart disease is increased and we want to see better treatments for these conditions in people with diabetes.”

The information was gathered from diabetes sufferers with both type I and type II forms of the disease. The analysis was done by the charity and this is not the first year that it has been conducted. The charity said they are also worried that on a year-on-year basis, the figures are not improving.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health has stated, “People with diabetes and high blood pressure do have an increased risk of developing certain further conditions. We think it is very important that healthcare professionals make certain that patients get regular health checks on an annual basis.

We encourage them to deal with any concerns they have immediately in order to reduce the risk of any further conditions developing. That said, there are steps that people can take on their own, such as exercising and stopping smoking.