Processed veg may be better than fresh

New data that has just been released from the UK Institute of Food Research found that 45% of the nutrients from fresh veggies in the produce department have already disappeared and shrivelled away by the time that they are consumed.

Produce that is immediately processed after it is picked keeps more of its nutrients according to the Institute which means that frozen foods may actually be healthier than fresh produce although most people believe that it is the other way around.

Birds Eye, the frozen food manufacturer, commissioned the study which also showed after 16 days of research the broccoli and cauliflower lost 25% of its nutrients, the peas lost around 15% of its nutrients, the green beans lost 45% of their nutrients, and the carrots lost 10%.

Sarah Schenker, a nutritionist, said that the nutritional content of vegetables starts to wane as soon as they are picked.  Thus, by the time that the vegetables are prepared on a plate they are almost devoid of most of their benefits.

However, those without a lot of time to cook and to make immediate use of produce may benefit by choosing to use frozen vegetables which have a higher nutrient level for a longer period of time.

Spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, Keri Gans R.D., stated that vegetables are frozen when they are at their ripest while on the other hand there is no way of knowing at what point in the ripening process fresh produce is harvested.