Report claims that reducing salt intake can prevent stomach cancer

Recent news stories have appeared in the papers which have claimed that if people reduced their salt intake around one in every seven cases of stomach cancer could be prevented. The news stories have been based on information from released reports created by the World Cancer Research Fund.

The report specifically stated that if people only consume the daily maximum amount of salt, which is about six grams, they would significantly reduce the chance of getting stomach cancer.

In the UK, people are currently eating far more salt than is healthy, with the average person eating over 40 percent more than the recommended daily amount. The head of health information for the organisation is Kate Mendoza and she has said “This sort of cancer is something that is very difficult to treat as it is usually not detected until the disease has become very prevalent. One of the best ways to tackle this condition is to prevent it from occurring in the first place and one of the best ways to do this can to be reduce the amount of salt you are consuming.”

There are many health conditions that are associated with increasing your salt intake including your chance of heart attack or stroke. Many people are unsure about how much salt they are consuming because they do not realise that salt is also very prevalent in their food, and it is not just something that is added on afterwards. Processed food is a particularly bad offender when it comes to high salt content.

The WCRF has stated that because of the research they want to see a standardised system of traffic light information being introduced at the front of packages. They also want to see this system also state how much fat is in the product.