The health benefits of flavonoids

Experts have recently suggested that people who consume a diet with plenty of antioxidants in it are not only lowering their cholesterol levels but also reducing their chances of developing diabetes and heart disease. The reason why some foods are particularly effective at reducing the risk of these diseases is because they contain something called flavonoids.

These are found in many plant-based foods such as apples, onions, berries, and broccoli. Chocolate, tea and red wine also contain flavonoids although in lesser quantities in the previous types of food. Flavonoids work by reducing the number of harmful molecules in the body which are capable of damaging healthy cells.

The trial has been conducted over a year by scientists working out of the University of East Anglia. They found that women had a reduced chance of heart disease as well as Type II diabetes if they had been eating a diet high in these types of food.

The study was looking at nearly 100 women who were post-menopausal and suffering from type II diabetes. Everyday, 50 percent of the women were given a chocolate bar that was rich in flavonoids, the other participants were given a chocolate bar with no flavonoids as a placebo.

Those receiving the enhanced chocolate bar had a reduced risk of heart attack by over three percent. It was also found that their cholesterol was reduced and their resistance to insulin was also increased. The next stage in the study is going to examine whether the same effects are true for men.