The relationship between diet and greasy hair

A woman with an excess of male hormone can have symptoms like masculine hair loss, greasy hair, hair, acne and even increase the desire to fight and have sex. These features are more common in men because they have more testosterone.

Until a few years ago no one knew what was the cause of oily hair. Women try all medical advice and even home remedies to no avail because the greasy hair with no improvement. This is because doctors did not know that the hormones have everything to with greasy hair.

No one imagined that diet is the only useful treatment for oily hair, but Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz had made the great discovery that diet could alter the function of the ovaries.

Normally, women produce small amounts of male hormones (testosterone) from the ovaries. One of the main functions of the male hormones in women is to maintain the desire for sex (libido).

In some cases the ovaries begin to produce excess male hormone (testosterone) causing these women to present with greasy hair symptoms similar to men.

As women usually have less testosterone than men and change can result in symptoms such as hair loss, greasy hair, facial hair, acne and even increase the desire to fight and have sex.

The amount of sugar in the diet can modify the functioning of the ovaries, the more sugar or carbohydrate in the diet the greater the production of testosterone.

So a diet with excessive carbohydrates stimulates the ovaries to produce male hormones, causing greasy hair and all the other symptoms associated with testosterone.

In a few days you will see changes in your hair begin to take effect.