Urban Food Health myths

Everyone wants to be healthy, even if they do not always make healthy choices on a daily basis.  However, some of the small healthy choices that you make without a second thought may actually be bad for you.  The following are just a few of the commonly followed health myths.

First of all, low fat foods do not really help you lose weight even if it seems that logically they should.  This is due to the fact that many times low fat foods still have the same high calorie content as other foods, which means that you are still overall consuming the same amount of food.  Calorie content is what you should be looking at, not the fat content.

Next up on the list are blueberries, which have long been hailed as the superior fruit because they contain a large amount of anti-oxidants.  However, blueberries are one of the fruits on the top of scale but they only have one anti-oxidant, which is also in fruits that are cheaper such as red grapes and some foods such as dark chocolate have more anti-oxidants making them a better choice.

The next one may brighten your day starting in the morning, because it turns out that coffee does not dehydrate the body because regular drinkers adjust to the caffeine intake, which means it is simply another fluid that you consume on a daily basis.

Finally, you may want to pull fruit and vegetables out of the fridge because while you may think it’s the healthy choice, in fact they lose their antioxidant value the longer they are stored in the fridge and are at their peak when at room temperature.