Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery Revealed

Laser eye surgery can seem like a very tempting option for those who have tired of wearing glasses. Contact lenses aren’t exactly for everyone, either.

Although various treatments, like Optimax Laser Eye Surgery, can yield positive results for a variety of different eye conditions, there are post-treatment patients who claim to be unhappy. In order to explore why, we’ve listed a few pros and cons to make sure you’re aware of the benefits as well as the potential risks involved.

Pro: Laser Eye Surgery is a single procedure with immediate results

Whereas prescription glasses and contact lens users have to have multiple appointments with opticians. They also involve expenses that keep recurring.

With laser eye surgery, the operation is only a few minutes long and the effects occur within hours of the treatment. You can expect to have your eyesight corrected more or less immediately. It’s a one-off procedure that you won’t have to repeat.

It definitely beats seeing your optician over and over again, not to mention the hassle of buying new glasses and contact lenses.

Con: Finding a surgeon you feel comfortable with

It’s highly advisable that you do a lot of research before allowing the first surgeon you see to operate on you.

You shouldn’t feel obligated at all to go with the first surgeon you’ve met, and as laser eye surgery is a delicate procedure you should make an effort to use a surgeon that you feel completely comfortable with.

Pro: There are more successful and precise operations available today

People used to be suspicious of eye operations, given the potential risks involved. However, new procedures are available today, such as Intralase, which are far more accurate and less risky than the older procedures.

Intralase does not expose the cornea to long-term damage, is less painful to the patient and is far more precise, in that the surgeon has far more control over the more delicate aspects of the procedure. It is slightly more expensive than other operations, but definitely worth it.

Con: There can be some risks to your sight

It would be unfair to claim that it’s completely risk free – unfortunately, there is the possibility that your eyes can be damaged during the operation. Some patients claim that they have permanent dry, irritable eyes while others suffer from occasion double vision.

Pro: The benefits outweigh the risks

Overall, the benefits greatly outweigh the risks involved with laser eye surgery. As long as you have use a reputable surgery and you’re getting the operation that’s most appropriate for your condition, the results should help to change your life for the better.

By David McLaughlin