Getting into Cardio Fitness Regimes

How to Make Cardio a Reality
Getting your heart rate pumping and your blood stream flowing through your body on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do for your personal health and wellbeing. There is nothing like getting hot and sweaty to keep your body in shape and your heart healthy. Unfortunately, most people don’t exactly love cardio and to “go running at least twice a week” is probably one of the most neglected New Year’s resolutions out there.

Luckily, cardio doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you want to learn how to start running or simply pick up some tips to help you reach your cardio goals, these four tips will help.

Learn To Run … Right

One of the most important things to do if you want to start running regularly is to make sure you know what you are doing. You might think that everyone knows how to run, but running with the wrong form can actually do more harm than good.

When it comes to learning how to start running, there are all the basics to keep in mind. Make a plan, get a running buddy, and keep track of your successes. Do not underestimate the importance of learning how to run with good form – it will make your running more effective, and more fun.

Use Correct Equipment

Now, you don’t need an awful lot to start running, but you do need the proper footwear. Don’t just assume that your old trainers will do; you need shoes that are fit not only for running but suitable for the terrain that you will be tackling.

When picking out shoes, don’t hesitate to ask for advice, always wear your running socks to ensure that you choose the right size, and test your shoes with a quick indoors run or a run on a treadmill to make sure you feel comfortable heading out in your new investment. This is the most basic running equipment you need – fancier options are available but you can treat yourself to those later.

Try Other Cardio Exercises

Don’t simply give up if running isn’t for you – it’s not the only way to get your heart rate up. Have you tried the various cardio machines in your gym, for example the stair master or the rowing machine?

Another great alternative for cardio skeptics is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), where you alternate between intense exercises performed at maximum effort, such as squats and rope skipping, and slow recovery periods for quick results.

Enjoy Exercise at Weekends and Holidays

If it’s difficult for you to find time for cardio during your working week, don’t despair. Instead, try to make cardio a routine during your free time. Start your weekend with a quick run and a nice cup of coffee afterwards, or go on a long hike with the family on a sunny day.

If you enjoy going on outdoors holidays, whether that’s traditional, rustic camping or modern, indulgent glamping, pack your running shoes and head out exploring.