5 Unique Ways to Use a Mason Jar

The Mason jar – what started out as a home canning solution in the 1850s is now a mass-market solution to a variety of storage and décor ideas. Mason jars can now be sourced from large department stores and discount retailers to speciality shops such as Biome; each one jumping on board with the booming trend. Below are five unique ways to use a Mason jar so you too see their extraordinary diversity.
1. Food

The moulded glass of a Mason jar makes it a creative alternative for food preparation, storage and serving. These jars put a nice twist on a drinking glass; they are perfect for holding a variety of snack foods, such as bread sticks or liquorice, or they can be used as a healthy ‘lunchbox’—just pile in your grains and greens, and add a splash of dressing.
2. Lighting
One of the most popular ways to use a Mason jar is as a unique lighting solution. Using these glass jars to hold tea lights or larger candles is particularly elegant, especially as table lights for events, weddings or social gatherings. Another great way to use Mason jars is to fill them with solar fairy lights and hang them in trees for an alternate outdoor lighting solution. Or, if you’re feeling especially creative, you could use them to produce a custom-made chandelier, wiring light bulbs into each jar.
3. Gardening
If gardening is not your favourite thing to do, or you’re just not particularly good at it, then using something like a Mason jar could really help to turn your luck around. These jars are perfect for eye-catching houseplants as you can make your own little terrarium with tough plants that look fantastic and don’t require constant attention. Moss, ferns, spreading creepers or miniature shrubs are ideal choices.
4. Storage
As these containers were once used for long-term preservation, they are highly compatible for food storage, especially jams, pasta, flours or spices. Using Mason jars can also cross over as a creative storage solution for your craft or sewing knick-knacks, or as desk storage for pens and other stationary. Being made from glass also makes them ideal for wet-areas such as bathrooms where you can incorporate them as organisation jars.
5. Gift Ideas
Incorporating Mason jars into your next gift idea will make it truly original. Muffin or cake jars are perfect for gifts—physically bake your choice of sweet in the Mason jar, let it cool, tie a ribbon around it and deliver. They can also be used as a creative ‘lolly bag’ to give out at parties, or as a vase filled with your friend or family member’s favourite flowers. For those that love to indulge in beauty products, you could even make a homemade body scrub and use the Mason jar as a container.