Benefits of Running on a Treadmill vs. Outdoors

Running outdoors is free, it doesn’t require any particular equipment and you get some fresh air while you’re pounding the pavement. So why on earth would you invest in a treadmill from specialist suppliers like Fitness Market, when you can do the exact same thing without it?

There are actually many things that set the treadmill apart from running outdoors, and depending on your needs you may find that owning a treadmill is incredibly useful. Here are some areas where the treadmill sits higher on the podium than outdoor running.

Your safety should always be priority when you work out outdoors. There’s nothing worse than going out for a run and stumbling on sticks fallen from a tree, or tripping over on a dodgy footpath. If you end up injuring yourself while out and about, it can make it difficult or painful to get home again, especially if there’s no one you can call to help you out.

Also consider when you are able to run – if you only have time after nightfall, it can a good idea to avoid the streets and stick to indoor equipment.
Do you love running in your pyjamas first thing in the morning? Maybe you’re more into running in your underwear – whatever gets you moving, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. That’s not all, though! If you’re lucky enough to have temperature control in the space with your treadmill, you can forget about rugging up for winter walks or dripping with sweat on those summer sprints.
Do you have access to a perfect running route right outside your front gate? If you do, awesome! Many people don’t, though, and it can be a pain getting to a good place to set out. When you have a treadmill in your home, you can get straight into your workout as soon as you’re ready.

It also means you can fit in your runs around your schedule, which is invaluable for busy people. If you can only find 15 minutes in your day, you can easily use that time without having to work out the perfect course first.
When you run outdoors, you can mix up your speed and distance, but when it comes to aspects like incline you are limited by the landscape. With a treadmill, you can create a workout that is exactly what you want. Sprints, incline walks, steady state running and rolling hills are all easy to do when you have a programmable treadmill!
When you run outside, it’s easy to get into patterns: walk this section, jog this section, follow this path, sprint home. When you run on a treadmill it is far easier to mix up your routine and really vary what you do. You can also add some extra movements like walking lunges to really wake up your legs and improve your running.
Treadmills are far more versatile than many people assume, and as you can see there are many benefits of having your own treadmill! Do you own a treadmill? What do you love most about it?