Britain Vs. The Weather

Elastoplast has launched its new range of waterproof plasters with a campaign focussed on the unpredictable British weather: Britain v. The Weather.

Elastoplast is helping the British public enjoy the summer with its playful YouTube channel that predicts the weather in your local town or holiday destination. Playing videos that tap into our love/hate relationship with the Great British Summer, the content on the channel confirms viewers worst fears of a rainy day and plays out videos of people in the area enjoying their favourite summer past times, no matter how wet it gets.

Come rain or shine the one thing you can count on in Britain is that people will be out enjoying themselves regardless, with a truly waterproof attitude. With the right precautions: wellingtons, rain macs and waterproof plasters, there’s no need for the adventures to stop, just because the rain starts.

Britain Vs. The Weather lives on a sponsored YouTube page where visitors can interact with Google maps to find out the summer weather in their town and watch one of 19 videos tailored to their destination.