Brits popping twice as many pills

Official figures show that Britons turn to pills for almost every ill with the average citizen picking up over 16 prescriptions every year which is double the amount reported twenty years ago, according to data from the Department of Health.

What is worse, with the range of OTC painkillers continuing to expand, the actual amount of pills that people are taking on a regular basis is probably even higher.

Some of the medical conditions that are particularly thought to be becoming over treated include high cholesterol and hyperactivity.

At the same time, medical descriptions for diet drugs are continuing to soar, which is creating an additional concern that medications that have dangerous side-effects are being used in place of simple solutions such as choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.  Even children are now taking the diet pill, which raises new concerns among medical scholars.

In 2006, the NHS spent around £22m per day on prescription drugs which is a 60%, rise over a decade.

Essex University Professor Joan Busfield stated that stoicism is now dead and Britain is slowly starting to become like the country of France which is known for treating all problems with medicine.

Busfield is known for attacking the pharmaceutical industry of creating diseases and controlling the medical dictionary to meet their needs.  Some of the most common problems that are said to have been blown out of proportion and overmedicated as a result are attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, female sexual dysfunction, and restless legs syndrome.