Brits set for record cards to keep track of vaccinations

Brits should be given record cards to keep track of their vaccination history and are being told that it is part of their civic duty to make sure that they are properly immunised on a regular basis. They are also warning that antibiotic resistance, an increase in the ageing population, and more and more migration will lead to a stronger threat for infectious disease if actions are not taken now to prevent the spread of known diseases.

As part of a report that was introduced at the beginning of the week, the Government has heard that more adults need to be vaccinated against simple infectious diseases such as whopping cough, influenza, pneumonia, diphtheria, shingles, and tetanus. All of these vaccinations are considered routine but many adults are not properly up-to-date with their shoots.

In order to help push for better vaccination routines for adults it is being recommended that a pilot programme be launched that offers all eligible adults a voucher for a flu vaccine that can be obtained at pharmacies. It is also asking that the Government set immunization targets and review the current vaccination rates among social care and health care workers. Last year it was found that only 45% of those included in the aforementioned group received the flu vaccination.

The UK’s International Longevity Centre created the report titled the Immune Response that states that vaccinations are underused as a method of preserving health among adults that are older in age. Sally Greengross, the CEO of ILC-UK, stated that over the past few years policy makers have stated that vaccinations lead to better health as people age but it is time to take action. She added that as antibiotic resistance continues to grow instead of just talking about it action needs to be taken to get more people vaccinated.