Half an hour breast cancer treatment

British doctors claim that a new breast cancer treatment is able to reduce the normal six week course of tumour killing therapy down to just one half an hour according to successful early patient trials.

The therapy is designed for use in patients that have early breast cancer after surgery has been performed on the tumour and is used in order to kill any cells that may still be cancerous by utilizing concentrated radiation via a beam.  Hence the name of the therapy: radiotherapy treatment.

Currently, women who are diagnosed with breast cancer must undergo traditional radiotherapy for six weeks after the surgery procedure which generally requires around twenty visits to the hospital.  Although the surgery aims to minimize the amount of breast that needs to be removed, the radiotherapy treatment often causes a great deal of damage to the breast tissue which can distort the breast shape.

Doctors hope that once the trial data is published later in the year the single dose of the new radiotherapy will be available widely so that women have the choice of choosing a less tiresome therapy option that carries with it a better cosmetic outcome.

The results from the trial which has taken place over a ten year course of time will be present at the conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology this June in Chicago.  The aim of the trial presentation is to show that the radiotherapy is just as effective and safe as a traditional course of treatment.