Most British kids not protected against Meningitis C

Research from the Oxford University Oxford Vaccine Group has discovered that even though there is a vaccine available in the Childhood Immunisation Programme to guard against meningitis C, most children in Britain are still not protected against the disease.

The study found that three of every four children in Britain are not protected against the powerful virus, even though the vaccine has been a part of the UK immunization programme since 1999.

The national charity and the top voice against the results of meningitis, the Meningitis Trust, is worried about the results of the study,  as it has seen close up just how devastating Meningitis can be, as this is infection of which can result in serious trauma and even death.

Back in 1999, the charity organization played a very significant role in getting the vaccine introduced in the UK, and believes that it can strongly reduce the risk from the brain bug, which was supported in 2008 by a government immunization report.  However, while there were no deaths in 2007 from Meningitis C, there are new concerns due to the findings of the study.

Chief Executive of the Meningitis Trust, Sue Davie, stated that vaccination is the only way to save lives and prevent infection and they support the use of all approved vaccines.

Davie continued to say that as a result of the research they welcome the introduction of a booster programme, which would help prevent the suffering that infection with the super bug can cause.

The aim of the Trust is to keep awareness of Meningitis C alive and at the top of the list for health professionals.