Stressful women’s work can bring on heart problems

Women who believe that their work pressure is too stressful are around 50% more likely to have problems with heart disease than those that consider their jobs to be manageable.

Previous studies have found a connection between men at stressful jobs and heart disease but the research concerning women has not yet been conducted until now.

It used to be thought that women were protected from heart disease due to the presence of the hormone oestrogen in their body, but now doctors’ are reconsidering their stance.

The new research, which was performed by Danish nurses discovered that those who claimed stress on the job was too high were a 26% more likely to have heart problems within the next 15 years.

Those who said they had the highest level of stressors on the job were double as likely to develop heart disease but when researchers compared their responses to lifestyle factors and smoking the risk was reduced to 35%.

Smoking and poor lifestyle choices cannot be too discounted due to the fact that they are often connected to those who work high pressure jobs.

When the researchers looked over the data from the first five years of the study they found that women who felt they were under a great deal of pressure were twice as likely to develop heart disease versus those who did not think they were under pressure.

The research involved 12,116 nurses that were between the ages of 45 and 64 and spanned 15 years beginning in 1993.