The back of the hospital gown is in sight

Finally someone has started an initiative that will save you from baring your backside during your next hospital stay due to a new project by the Department of Health and the Design Council.  The project aims to make a hospital stay much more comfortable by redesigning bathrooms, bed bays, hospital gowns, and chairs.

Seven teams of UK designers and manufacturers have come together as part of the Design for Patient Dignity programme in order to figure out a way to give patients a bit more of their dignity and privacy back.

Among the designers who will partake in the project is Ben de Lisi the fashion guru, although he is best known for designing red carpet gowns, he said that he has taken on the challenge in order to bring respect to the backless hospital gown.

Lisi said that everyone has or will experience the situation of having an open hospital gown hang open at the back, and that he would like to do something outside of glamour that makes a true difference.

Outside of making the gowns more comfortable, Lisi is also looking at how to make the gowns practical so that nurses and doctors can properly carry out their tasks.

His new design is a gown that looks like an oversized long tee but instead of being tied at the back it has fasteners on both sides that have plastic poppers so that drains and drips can be passed through as well as fast access if needed.