The financial effects of suffering a stroke

A charity has just warned that having a stroke will not only affect your health, but can also affect your finances. The charity which released this information is called the Stroke Association, and they have said that people who are of working age and suffer a stroke, are likely to face increasing bills in their home, as well as a fall in income.

The charity found that people who suffered from a stroke were likely to cut back on the amount they eat because they were struggling with their finances so much. 65 percent of people who suffered from a stroke said that they had a fall in income, which is a significant amount.

Furthermore, 80 percent of stroke victims in this age range, stated that they were worried about the future of their finances. This information was put together from a study of over 2000 people who were affected by the condition.

The charity have stated, based on this research, that the benefit system that is in place in order to take care of people have had a stroke, doesn’t fully understand the condition, and the impact that it has on someone’s life.

The Chief Executive of the charity is Jon Barrick and he has stated, “Many people think that stroke is something that only affects people when they are older, but around 25 percent of strokes occur in people who are of working age.

This can have a serious impact on their income, and after the stroke, many people will face a smaller income, and will be very concerned about their financial security in the future. Having a stroke is terrible for health, and finances should be something that people who’ve suffered this shouldn’t have to worry about unnecessarily.”