Trip and Slip

If you have tripped or slipped at work or on a public property, you are in a position to make a compensation claim for personal injury. If you were unaware of this, you should begin to learn more about your legal rights because if you should be a victim of such an accident and suffer from an injury as a result, you could be missing out on compensation that could help you in several ways.

Trips and slips can occur anywhere and if you suffer from an injury that was caused by another who were responsible for duty of care, you have grounds for compensation.

For example, if you slip on a wet floor inside a building that members of the public can legitimately enter, you could be eligible to make a claim should you have sustained any injuries. These places can include shops, restaurants, supermarkets and banks.

Should the accident occur on a council-owned property, a trip and slip claim can be made against the council. They are responsible for the maintenance of pavements, footpaths and other public areas. So should you trip on a defective pavement, for example, the council will be held responsible for any injuries sustained.

If your accident occurs on a privately-owned property, a claim can be made against the building’s owner or occupier. If a trip or slip occurs in your place of work, you may be able to claim against the company you work for. Such accidents are common at work and occur for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common causes are insufficient lighting, spillages and slippery surfaces.

You should seek legal advice if you ever suffer from such an accident. Knowing all that you can about your legal rights can assist you in your recovery when it comes to any compensatory entitlements. You should maintain a record of any evidence that you can help you with your personal injury claim such as contact details of any witnesses present, photographs of the cause of the accident, medical attention sought and a copy of the report to the relevant authorities.

Ensuring that these steps are taken will ensure that you have a strong case when claiming for the compensation you deserve.

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