Choosing a mobility aid

Think mobility aids and the first thing that comes to mind will probably be zimmer frames and such devices, but in fact there is a vast range of mobility aids available to help those who can move as easily as they used to. Whether you need something to provide stability, or balance, or both, when walking, help to get up and down stairs, help with sleeping, or simply to get in and out of a chair, these are all classed as mobility aids and have given many a whole new lease of life.

Walking aids are brilliant for those who are a little unsteady and have a poor sense of balance and the design of these ensure the user stays perfectly upright and greatly minimises the chance of them falling over. Walkers with wheels are the most popular kind these days as they are a lot easy to use an manoeuvre than the tradition zimmer frame which has to be shuffled or even lifted for the user to move forwards.

The rolling walkers give the user a smooth continuous movement which they control themselves, and many even come with seats now so you can take a break when needed, with a brake mechanism holding the wheels in place. These can also be accessorised with such items as baskets, allowing the user the freedom to go to the local shops and not have to worry about carrying bags.

For those who are permanently or temporarily bed bound, or even those who have an illness that prevents them from sleeping, adjustable beds can be the answer to their prayers. Thanks to an easy to use control, these can be used to raise the head of the bed or the foot and fine tune the bed to the user’s requirements to ensure that they have optimum comfort when away and have the best chance of a good sleep.

A very popular mobility aid for inside the home are recliner chairs. The tip and recline action of these make is much easier for those with problems getting from a sitting to standing position, and vice versa, to get in and out of a chair. These come is a vast and varied range of sizes and styles so everyone can get one that suits their own personal needs. A remote control attached to the arm is all that is needed to set the mechanism in motion, and you can also get them with a massage facility, heat pads and rocking motion.

Stair lifts give those with mobility problems the freedom to move around their home and not be confined to one room or level of the house. When mobility problems strike, going up and down stairs is one of the major problems you have to deal with, so investing in a stair lift gives you the independence to carry on as you always have, more or less, and you can still go up to bed at night and come down in the morning as you always have done.