Holistic practitioner Sophia Kupse’s Pain-Free: Easy Steps To A Happier Healthier You

Pain is healthy but a dominant condition we all suffer from silently, say holistic practitioner Sophia Kupse in her new self help guide being published in September 2016.

This factual book (fully credited with both medical and scientific research) is targeted at people wanting a more in depth understanding of why pain is always there, especially for those that have done nothing physically to suffer it. As a self help guide, the book takes the reader on a journey of how to change their approach to pain and heal from within.

Centering on the human journey of pain from the beginning of our existence ‘till the very end of our time, the book features factual references and research to support WHY our pain is on the increase and HOW we can reverse the process.

Readers will be taught how to retrain their thinking pattern, live in the ‘now’ and introduce new, natural ways to nourish and move the body to eliminate pain (possibly forever). However, before doing so, the origins (triggers of the pain) must be established.

Sophia guides the reader through the pain journey, over each decade, using evidence and information from both the field of western and holistic medicine to fully understand how and why our physical pain can be created by our emotions.

In order to resolve the mystery of our growing pain and our strong bond with stress and our emotions, Sophia says we need to see look at the bigger picture of where the journey began.

Since birth, each decade our mind and body uses procedural memory (the first step in how our body learns using the conscious mind) to learn motor skills and, at the same time, retaining these skills through muscle memory (used by our unconscious mind). It is here that our pain patterns begin to attach. Muscle memory is our automatic motor learning structure that allows our body to learn and remember how to walk, talk, run etc in order to function daily.

Thousands of sensory nerves lay under every muscle group – it’s like a motorway network that allows our body to balance, move and speak. So the question is; if this network that controls our automatic skills and behaviour patterns through muscle memory exists, why is it so unbelievable that it listens to our internal conversations?

How we think, feel and speak to our self-daily has a profound effect on our wellbeing. When we repeatedly say the same thing over and over again internally and these messages are negative ones, then we sabotage our body, preparing for pain before we even know it.

Emotional and physical pain is therefore learned from birth – from the moment you enter the atmosphere your mind becomes connected to the outside world and the people that surround you. Each decade you grow, your pain grows with you. Some people suffer great emotional pain during their childhood, which leads to physical illness in their early years. Whilst others suppress their emotions in childhood, leading to their on-going battle with pain in middle age.

Sophia says, “In writing the self help guide I explain how we have evolved our pain and escalated it to such a traumatic level from the very beginning of our existence. What I offer is not a theory or myth, but a revelation into understanding how we have come to burden ourselves which such a debilitating component that should be used to our advantage, not to imprison our bodies and disarm our minds. When we start to heal, pain is part of the healing journey and lets us know that we are getting better.”

Pain-Free: Easy Steps To A Happier Healthier You by Sophia Kupse is out mid September on Amazon (paperback £9.99 and Kindle £4.99)

For more information visit: www.themusclewhisperer.co.uk