Mobility problems: Should I consider installing a home lift?

Not being able to move around your own home properly can often be an incredibly upsetting and frustrating experience. One of the greatest challenges when it comes to mobility issues can be climbing the stairs, especially if you are getting older and have issues with your joints or arthritis. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem – home lifts however, knowing whether you require a home lift or not can be difficult.

To help, we’ve put together this guide to the considerations involved in installing a home lift.


One of the first things to consider when thinking about installing a home lift is whether your mobility is limited to the point that you require one to remain free to move around the house. This may be because your joints aren’t up to the task of climbing the stairs anymore, because you recently suffered a fall or even because you’re worried about falling down the stairs now that you’re older. If you think you suffer from any of these concerns, then it is probably worth considering installing a Stannah home lift.


If your independence has been compromised in any way by your inability to move around the house freely, then it is a good idea to begin exploring the advantages of having a home lift installed. It may be that you struggle to reach the bathroom or that it has become a strain getting to bed and you need help most nights, either way it’s important that you retain your independence when living in your own home.


If you are struggling to maintain the same levels of mobility and independence as you age, then the next thing to think about is whether you have the space in your house for a home lift. Many newer models are fairly compact and can be installed with minimum infringement on space in your rooms. However, it is important that you work out exactly where you would like the lift and whether it is a practical solution in the space given.

Home lift or stair lift

The alternative to a home lift is often considered to be a stair lift and it is well worth taking the time to research which is the best option for you. If you have a small, curved or narrow staircase, have problems with your weight, or can’t leave your wheelchair, then a home lift is definitely for you. However, you may prefer a home lift for other reasons, maybe an aesthetic preference or another consideration, and this is just as a valid reason for home lift installation.

Effect on the value of your property

Finally, you should also consider the effect a home lift can have on the value of your property. As long as it is well serviced and maintained, a home lift can really boost the value of your real estate. This is especially true as recent advances in technology have made home lifts more affordable than ever, while still adding considerable value to your property.