Cosmetic Surgery helping a strong private health market

Times are hard in pretty much every aspect of our lives and you might think that the recession would affect the private health industry more than most financial sectors. If you do, you would be wrong. Recent figures suggest the opposite. Even though times are hard, with austerity being the order of the day, we still seem to be able to find enough resources to take care of our private health needs, or, in some cases, more accurately, our desires, which we often put ahead of all other things.

Despite the fact that we are all struggling to deal with the tough economic times, private health treatments in several areas have actually increased. One of the biggest areas of growth in this respect is breast augmentation surgery, which, according to figures recently released, has increased year on year, despite the recent adverse publicity surrounding the safety of a particular implant product.

Next in line, when it comes to private health treatment, is something that could be considered to be the opposite of augmentation surgery; the procedure that is described as the “tummy tuck”. This operation involves a simple surgical incision to remove the excessive abdominal tissue, tighten the stomach muscles and, if the results are as intended, result in a flatter and more defined tummy, with lighter and smoother skin tone. What might be even more surprising than the fact that “tummy
tucks” are on the increase is the fact that the biggest increase is in the number of operations that are now being performed on men, rather than women. The combination of poor diet and lack of exercise might mean that this figure will continue to grow, regardless of the economic situation.

Other procedures including liposuction – to reduce fatty deposits, reduction of ear protrusion, rhinoplasty, breast reduction, fat transfer procedures and neck and face lift surgeries continue to grow in their popularity, perhaps because people want to look good and feel good as a fight back against the growing feeling of depression with their financial position and that of the rest of the world.

Other, less obviously cosmetic surgeries have been developed over recent years to enhance the quality of life for many people. Hip replacement surgery is now available routinely, as is varicose vein treatment and the reduction of the impact of bodily and facial spider veins. Surgery to enhance hearing and the various laser eye surgery techniques, which can restore perfect vision, often for many years, have now become commonplace and have improved the lives of many people.

It would be wrong to think that everyone who resorts to private health treatment does so for cosmetic purposes, although there are many reasons why patients should not be criticised for doing so. The waiting lists for what are considered to be non-essential but routine operations or treatments may well be acceptable if you are not one of the people waiting, but if you are feeling discomfort, you would much rather have your conditioned resolved sooner, rather than later.