Early checks for high blood pressure

Unfortunately, high blood pressure is only a condition that has symptoms when the disease has already reached a late stage, however, it is something that is very easily detectable by a professional.

It is now thought that adults in the country should have a blood pressure check at least once every five years. This is something that you can have checked by a visit your GP. Blood Pressure UK, an awareness organisation, are about to start offering blood-pressure screening without the need for a visit to your doctor, which can be conducted in places as convenient as supermarkets.

When you have your blood pressure taken you are going to be presented with two numbers. The first number that you are going to be given is known as a systolic blood pressure which refers to the highest level that your blood pressure comes to when your heart is actively going through a beat. The second figure is known as the diastolic blood pressure, which is the figure recorded when the heart is relaxing between each beat.

When you are presented with these figures, you should be aware that the lower the figure the better. Generally, patients who have a lower BP are less likely to suffer from major medical condition such as a stroke or heart attack. If your blood pressure is consistently recorded to be greater than 140/90 then you are going to be facing a diagnosis of hypertension.

It is important to realise that a single reading of your blood pressure is not an accurate diagnosis. If you are found to have a higher blood pressure, then you are going to need to go back for another test, to make sure that the figure was not just an anomaly.