Latest research suggests cancer in the over 65’s will triple by 2040

According to the cancer charity Macmillan Cancer Support and their researchers, cancer is a rising problem for people over the age of 65 as it will become a given instead of a possibility. According to researchers, the amount of elderly people to be diagnosed with cancer will almost triple by the time the year 2040 comes around with almost one out of every four people facing a cancer diagnosis.

In 2010 about 1.3m people that were over the age of 65 were fighting against cancer, but in the next three decades the figure is expected to rise to as much as 4.1m. Macmillan Cancer Support went as far as to say the epidemic was a ticking time bomb for society. The largest risk factor for cancer is advanced age and as life expectancies continue to grow longer so will cancer risks.

A study published in the British Journal of Caner and run by the King’s College London attempted to figure out just how common cancer would become and found that every age group will see an increase in the amount of cancer survivors that lived among them. They found at least a one million increase in every age bracket with larger increases in those over the age of 65.

The authors then concluded that this result shows just how important it is to start to prepare for care now because it will increase the burden of caring for cancer on community care and health service resources in the future.