Obesity and living longer lead to huge increase in diagnosed cases of osteoarthritis

An expert from the University of Leeds has recently stated that the number of cases of osteoarthritis in the country is growing at an alarming rate. Two of the main reasons why this increase is being seen is because people are more obese than they’ve been in the past and this is one of the leading causes of the condition.

On a more positive note, more people are developing the disease, simply because they are living longer. The charity Arthritis Care stated that by 2030 the number of cases of osteoarthritis will have probably doubled. Currently there are around 8 million people suffering from the condition in the UK and the study showed that over 70 percent of people suffering from this condition are in constant pain. Around 15 percent of patients described this pain is being unbearable.

Prof Conaghan, from the University of Leeds, is an expert in musculoskeletal medicine and he has said that joint related illnesses are becoming an increasing problem for the health service in the country.

He commented, “We need to take action immediately to alleviate the problem of painful joints in all patients. It is a myth that joint pain is something that is an inevitable part of old-age, it should stop being looked at as an inevitability, and start being treated properly.”

A study that was conducted at the end of last year online took the opinion of 2000 people who suffer from the disease. This study showed that the average age of diagnosis for people was 57 but that increasingly people are being diagnosed with the disease younger. Osteoarthritis is a condition which primarily affects the hips and can make walking painful and challenging. Despite all of the modern medicine available, exercise is still the best treatment for this condition.