Brits still not eating enough fruit and veg

A recent study has suggested that despite the heavy marketing of nutritional advice, people in the UK are still not eating enough vegetables or fruit. The study looked at the eating habits of 19 countries in the European Union, and the UK is ranked in 14th place.

The study was conducted by EUFIC, the European Food Information Counci,l which stated that people in the UK only eat around 250 grams of fruit and vegetables a day, which is significantly less than the European average of nearly 400 grams.

The World Health Organisation recommends that people consume 400 grams of fruit and vegetables but only a few countries in Europe are managing to achieve. These are Italy, Poland, Austria and Germany.

The report stated, “Most people in Europe do not eat enough fruit and vegetables as recommended by the WHO. The amount of vegetables consumed across the continent varies widely and geographic trends can be seen. In the North of Europe less fruit and vegetables are eaten compared to the south.”

EUFIC also stated that eating more vegetables and fruit is associated with having a lower propensity for certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, certain cancers as well as Type II diabetes. The definition of fruit and vegetables varies across European countries with some nations not including fruit juice or potatoes.