Getting a wig with the NHS

Wigs are available from the NHS but patients will be charged for them unless they qualify for help with charges.
If you need a wig but lack the finances to buy one the NHS can help. Thousands in Britain experience hair loss due to a number of factors from auto immune diseases to chemotherapy treatment. Since everyone is different, varying degrees of hair loss are to be expected. Whatever your circumstances, wigs are available to help achieve a sense of normalcy. Wig technology has come a long way, and hairpieces such as human hair wigs can look completely natural. A huge number of wigs are available, and far beyond a simple cover, wigs offer women stunning new styles and looks. Some people may have trouble affording a new wig in addition to any medical expenses accrued. The NHS can help, at least covering some of the cost. Here’s a quick guide explaining who is entitled to the financial aid and what is required.
Certain people qualify for a free hairpiece. Children most commonly develop alopecia during their teenage years or early adulthood. Children who suffer from alopecia and other forms of hair loss are sadly susceptible to bullying. To protect children and help build confidence, hairpieces are available free for children under the age of 16. With a full bespoke human hair wig, designed just for them, a child can feel like they have their hair, and their life back. Here is the list of people entitled to a free wig from the NHS:

Children aged 16 and under
Children aged 16-18 who are in full time education
People all of ages who are hospital inpatients
War pensioners – although restrictions apply

Help with charges
People receiving treatment such as chemotherapy might have trouble affording additional costs, while individuals or families on income support and/or housing benefit may be especially hard-pressed when considering a new wig. Help is at hand, here’s a list of people who qualify for financial support to buy the perfect hairpiece, whether it be a wig cap or a full bespoke human hair wig.

A person on income support or jobseeker’s allowance
A person on employment support allowance
Someone receiving pension credit
Your name on an HC2 certificate
A person on universal credit

Never feel helpless, the NHS can offer financial support on a wide variety of medical induced costs. Know your options, see if you qualify for financial support when you purchase your wig.