Alternative options to tackling smoking

Tobacco was first introduced into the United Kingdom in the early 16th century when the poor effects on health were not known. Since its introduction the popularity of tobacco has risen rapidly, only slightly dipping during the war periods. Today we are now aware of the devastating effects tobacco has on our health, however it is an addiction that some cannot overcome.

Tobacco consumption is regarded as the UKs’ largest cause of preventable illness and early death. Over 80% of lung cancer cases are caused by tobacco.

Despite the advertised ill effects of smoking from medical industries, efforts have also been made by the government to reduce these figures by introducing the public smoking ban. On 1 July 2007 a ban was put in place to reduce the threat of passive smoking as the act was no longer permitted in public buildings.

To most, smoking is seen as an unsightly habit and the younger generation are well informed of the threats posed to health. Tobacco can cause our nails to go brittle and turn an unattractive shade of yellow; it can stain the skin and teeth, all the things unwanted in a society so obsessed with beauty.

However, for those addicted to the nicotine hit, there is a solution: the e-cigarette.  E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular and mean a smoker can get the same satisfaction of puffing away without the devastating diseases.

Smoke without fire

The e-cigarette contains a small amount of nicotine which is often what a smoker craves but does not contain any tobacco. For those who have tried patches but found they still felt the need to keep their hands occupied or missed the comfort that the act of smoking offered will benefit immensely from the e-cigarette.

It is hard for many to notice the difference between an e-cigarette to an ordinary cigarette. Extremely similar in appearance they both have the same taste (if selected) and instead of inhaling a cloud of smoke you simply inhale a vapour. Because of this there is no risk of passive smoking.

E-cigarettes can actually be ‘smoked’ indoors. There are many testimonials on the internet that claim the generation of the e-cigarette is the way forward, especially when it comes to combatting an addiction to smoking.

Another great benefit from e-cigarettes is that there is no risk of fire and no mess. There is a wider variety of flavours available; apple, cherry, chocolate, coffee and vanilla while some companies even offer the option of a customised flavour. These DIY options boast over 80 combinations which are sure to keep everyone happy.

The e-cigarette has almost become a fashion accessory for those who smoke. Stylish new kits are available online (including attractive chargers) and you can select from a range of beautifully designed cases to house you e-cigarettes too.

Ultimately, the e-cigarette is the fashionable, affordable and safe solution for those who are addicted to smoking – helping you to target some of the nasty effects whilst still taking comfort from the act itself.